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"We don't just serve 
great Napoletana 
We bring you 
the true, irreplaceable, Italian atmosphere."

Pizzeria Italiana 2020

Owner and proprietor Andrea Verdina

We are Italians, through and through!

Our love for a traditional, fresh, light and digestible Napolitan pizza has pushed us to start Pizzeria Italiana 2020.
Our aim is to bring to you a little bit of Italian tradition, and a taste of Italy in the UK; not only with our food but also with the music, the happiness and the love from our Country.

We make our dough using the best Italian flours (matured for 24-hours) and we use the best fresh Italian ingredients for our toppings. Last but not least is our wood-fired oven which adds to the authenticity of it all. 

The complete experience only happens when you actually show up to try our pizzas! Follow us online for real-time truck location updates; we might be parked at a location near you soon.

Of course you can also book us for your private party, wedding, birthday, corporate function, etc. 




Our Napolitan Pizza Dough is made using four key ingredients: flour, water, yeast and salt. It is fermented for a minimum of 24 hours to create a complex tasting, crispy crust and extremely digestible pizza base.

Our portable wood-fired oven creates the perfect 485c of heat, allowing each pizza the temperature it needs to come out screaming hot in less than a minute!

Our attention to details in everything we do is why our brand is so strong and why people want to be part of what we do.



Fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, goat cheese, grilled peppers, caramelized onion, fresh red onion.

A summer delight!!!


Tel: 07809485821

Ordering your pizza is simple:

Send us a text stating your name, preferred time of collection, your order. 

One of our team will be in touch to provide a specific collection time and confirm the order.

***Some of our locations are very popular, we advise you to book well in advance in order to get your preferred slot***

Truck Eats

To enquire for private parties, weddings, birthdays, corporate events, please call 07809485821

We  would love to hear from you

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